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Slab @ Vegan Life Live – Alexandra Palace, London

Slab @ Vegan Life Live, London 5

We had an absolutely cracking weekend up in London for the Vegan Life Live show! We met so many lovely people – both customers and fellow exhibitors. This is the first large event of this scale that we have attended and it’s great to know that we can meet the demand! We received some fantastic feedback and are so pleased to have been part of such a wonderful event.

And now that we have stress tested the fudge operation, we can now look forward to the upcoming events in Brighton, Manchester, Bristol, Portsmouth, Southampton, Christchurch and Poole!!!

Slab @ Vegan Life Live, London 2

Slab @ Vegan Life Live, London 3

Slab @ Vegan Life Live, London 4

Slab @ Vegan Life Live, London 6

Slab @ Vegan Life Live, London 8

Slab @ Vegan Life Live, London 9

Slab @ Vegan Life Live, London 10

Slab @ Vegan Life Live, London 11

Slab @ Vegan Life Live, London 12

Slab @ Vegan Life Live, London 7

Buy Vegan Slabs online here – Shop


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New Slab Artisan Fudge Shop For 2018!

Slab Artisan Fudge Shop 5

The Slab Shop …

Welcome to Slab’s new home – find our new shop at 13 Bath Road in Cowes on the Isle of Wight. We aim to be fully open by the beginning of Spring, however we’ve already moved the fudge production down there so if you’re nearby pop in and I’m sure there will be some fudge samples available!

Slab Artisan Fudge Shop 1

Slab Artisan Fudge Shop 2

We aim to always have our core flavours in stock – both in the dairy and vegan ranges. So whether you want to pop in or order online – we can satisfy your fudge requirements!

Slab Artisan Fudge Shop 3

Slab Artisan Fudge Shop 4

We are over the moon to now have a proper home for Slab, here’s to a busy and fudge-tastic 2018! As always, if you NEED some fudge it is available online – Shop


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Slab @ The Garlic Farm, I Love Wight Xmas Market

Slab @ The Garlic Farm 1

Slab got Christmassy this year at The Garlic Farm, for the I Love Wight Xmas Market. We had a fantastic weekend in this beautiful part of the island.

Slab @ The Garlic Farm 2

Lots of fudge was also bought, hopefully making lots of people happy on Christmas Day!

Slab @ The Garlic Farm 3

Our Xmas Slabs also seemed to go down very well …



Xmas Pud Slab


Candy Cane Slab


Mince Pie Slab

However, if you were unable to make it, remember you can always grab some Slabs online before Christmas – Shop

Free postage on orders over £10. Merry Chrimbo folks!

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Slab Artisan Fudge @ Southampton Vegan Festival

Slab Stall - Southampton Vegan Festival 2

Nov 4th & 5th, 2017

This was Slab’s first fully vegan event and we were really excited to attend, but also a little nervous. We are not a 100% vegan company as we obviously sell our dairy fudge, so were slightly worried that people would wonder what we were doing there. However, we are pleased to report that our vegan range went down an absolute storm in Southampton, with us running out of supplies mid way through Sunday!

Slab Stall - Southampton Vegan Festival 1

Slab Stall - Southampton Vegan Festival 3

Slab Stall - Southampton Vegan Festival 4

And having had such a positive and enjoyable experience in Southampton, we are now booked up for VegFest in Brighton in March. And also VeganLife shows in both London in February and Manchester in April. So it’s already looking like a busy start to 2018!

And in case you couldn’t make it – you can always buy some Slab Vegan Fudge right here – Vegan Slabs

Time-lapse footage of the set-up of our Slab Artisan Fudge stall at the first Southampton Vegan festival this year.

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Vegan Slabs – Now available on the Slab website!

Vegan Slab Artisan Fudge?

We know what you’re thinking? What’s a company that uses dairy to make their fudge (full disclosure – we also run an ice cream shop!) doing making a vegan alternative? Well, it’s our thinking that if we can do our bit by offering a vegan alternative to our dairy fudge, which we believe is just as tasty, then that can’t be a bad thing, right!

Made with coconut cream rather than dairy, we are using our fudge skills to try and make a truly fantastic vegan fudge, with more flavours to come soon.

Watch this space folks x

Vegan Classic Slab – 150g

Creamy, silky, melt-in-the-mouth vegan vanilla fudge.

Vegan Classic Slab Display









Vegan Sea-Salted Caramel Slab – 150g

Decadent and creamy vegan caramel fudge with a hint of sea-salt.

Vegan Sea-Salted Caramel Slab Display









Vegan Death By Choc Slab – 150g

Our richest chocolate vegan fudge – the ultimate chocolate hit!

Vegan Death By Choc Slab Display










Check out all our Vegan Slabs

Load up your Shopping Cart with £10 or more of goodies from Slab, and we’ll send it all for free! Just select Free Shipping at Checkout.

Slab will be attending their first event with our vegan Slabs next weekend, come find us at – Southampton Vegan Festival

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Slab’s First Promotional Video – Grab A Slab!

Here it is, Slab’s first foray into the exciting world of film making. Watch out Hollywood!!

This Slab video is more of a promotional introduction to our fudge, in the future we will aim to make more videos with information on our product and an insight into the world of fudge making.

But until then, enjoy this short teaser. And if you feel so inclined, grab yourselves some Slab’s online – Shop

Thanks for watching!


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Slab @ Wolverton Manor Garden Fair 2017

Wolverton Garden Fair 11

Slab’s final event of the summer was a weekender at Wolverton Manor for the Garden Fair and boy was it a game of two halves!

On arrival at the fabulous grounds of Wolverton we began our set up amidst all the craft and plant stalls in the glorious sunshine.  The sun continued to bless us throughout Saturday and we were throwing out tasty Slabs like there was no tomorrow!

But tomorrow did come, and unfortunately the Sunday forecast was accurate.. heavy rain for the entire day!  Only the keenest craft and plant enthusiasts braved the (typical English) weather, but at Slab HQ we managed to get some fairy lights up and entice people into our cosy enclave with samples of fudge.  As it turns out, fudge cheers people up when they’re feeling a bit gloomy.  Who knew?

Wolverton Garden Fair 1

Wolverton Garden Fair 2

Wolverton Garden Fair 3

Wolverton Garden Fair 4

Wolverton Garden Fair 6

Wolverton Garden Fair 7

Wolverton Garden Fair 9

Wolverton Garden Fair 10

And if you need to ever order some more supplies, Slab Artisan Fudge is always available to buy at our shop Bliss Ice Cream Parlour in Cowes, or online at – Slab Online Shop. Free delivery on all orders over £10!

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Slab Artisan Fudge @ I Love Wight Street Food Market, Newport Harbour

Slab at Newport Street Food Market 2

Slab are ready to rock at the very first I Love Wight Street Food Market, the sun is shining and the atmosphere is bubbling!  The setting right by the river is idyllic as hungry people mill about soaking up the rays and perusing the tantalising food options.

Slab at Newport Street Food Market 1

Along with Slab’s regular 12 flavours, for this event we (as always) have some limited edition flavours to get your hands on – Tiger Butter (peanut butter with chocolate and caramel), Stracciatella (vanilla fudge with dark chocolate pieces), Rhubarb + Custard and, making it’s debut, Peach Cobbler (peach fudge with shortbread crumble pieces).

Slab at Newport Street Food Market 4

There are some fabulous savoury food stalls here (shout out to Dumpling Dumpling, Salty Willy’s and Souporium) so if you’re passing by or on your lunch break pop down any Friday between 10:30-4pm, sit in the sun for half an hour and enjoy some tasty treats whilst at the same time being able to feel great for supporting some fantastic local artisan producers!

Slab at Newport Street Food Market 3

Slab at Newport Street Food Market 7

Slab at Newport Street Food Market 8

However, if you are not nearby and unable to grab a Slab, remember you can always order online – Click Here

Free postage on all orders over £10!

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Slab Artisan Fudge @ Cowes Week 2017

After having our ice cream shop in Cowes for many years, and having had many a fun Cowes Week, this year we took the plunge and also added a Slab fudge stall to the mix!

The stall all set up and ready for action on the first day. Had a great morning until rain set in and spoiled play.

Rach’s mum even came to lend a supporting hand!!

And after a great first day, it’s time for a celebratory G & T.

You can find Slab Artisan Fudge along The Parade all Cowes Week, so if you are nearby and in need of a fudge fix, come find us!!!

Or if you are unable to make it down, you can always order our fudge online –

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Slab @ I Love Wight Market, Brading 27/05/17

Slab Artisan Fudge Stall - I Love Wight Market, May

Here we are at the third I Love Wight market in Brading, and it is the end of May already. Summer is upon us once again! This monthly market has been a really great fixture in Slab’s ever busier event calendar, and we are so proud to be a part of what is growing into a really eclectic collection of independent makers of fantastic things. Big up to everyone involved!

Slab Artisan Fudge Stall - I Love Wight Market, May

All set-up and ready for the punters to roll up.

Slab Artisan Fudge Stall - I Love Wight Market, May

What a great line-up of stalls showcasing what the island is all about.

Slab Artisan Fudge Stall - I Love Wight Market, May

This month was the most challenging, as the forecasted good weather ended up bringing heavy winds rather than brilliant sunshine. But that didn’t seem to stop people from turning up and having themselves a great time, even if some of the stalls did have to hold on tight to avoid blowing away!


Anyway, another great event at Brading and we look forward to seeing everyone at next months. And as always, if you couldn’t make it or just simply need to buy more fudge rations, then shop online here – Shop. Free postage on all orders over £10.